Lord Rufus Basildon


Lord R once considered himself a ladies’ man.

These days, though, he feels unfairly outnumbered by the fairer sex: three ex-wives (none quite as ‘ex’ as he would like), a controlling mother and a headstrong daughter to contend with at home. Mrs Honeysett, the cook, is oddly emotional at times too. If only his son and heir, Rory, would do more to boost the testosterone levels around Sippinghurst.

Instead, we find his Lordship seeking refuge in the library, enjoying glorious solitude with a Sudoku and a glass of 15-year-old
Three Barrels XO.

There are times, when a little solitude stirs the romantic in his noble soul, that he’s apt to ponder the possibility of a 4th Lady Basildon. Maybe that young soap starlet he’s been voting for on Strictly? Shuddering, he returns to his Sudoku. Much easier to work out than
a woman.

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