Lady Rose

Lady Rose “Rocket” Basildon


To describe Rocket as an all-action girl is understatement: Lara Croft looks a couch potato by comparison. Her interests, as listed in Debretts, include motor racing, speedway, spelunking, wingsuit flying, skydiving and…er, “Argentinian footballers”.

As a tiddler, she would practice show-jumping on her pony Snowflake. These days, she does the same circuit on her trusty Triumph Rocket (having discovered her father’s E-type rarely clears the jumps).

Her social life ensures she is often away from Sippinghurst, so grandmamma tends to monopolise her while she’s there, ostensibly to monitor her behaviour but actually because Rocket is the perfect ‘guinea pig’ for her latest Three Barrels cocktail recipe.

Incidentally, when Rocket first introduced her social set to brandy cocktails, they said she was “totes bonkers”.

Soon converted, they now refer to a particularly awesome party as “lock, stock and Three Barrels”.

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