The Dowager Lady Dorothy Basildon


On being presented at court as a 17-year old debutante, ‘Dotty’ famously caused asunder by regaling guests with some ‘juicy goss’ concerning one of the debs and a certain royal equerry (frightfully, the subjects in question were both in ear shot). “Hey ho!” as she says.

As darling of the Cap d’Antibes jetset during the 60s, Dotty would claim it was “BB” who introduced her to the joys of Three Barrels brandy. Not Brigitte Bardot, but dashing ex-Spitfire ace, Bertie Basildon, who quickly won her heart with a brandy cocktail he’d named after her – The Dotty Deb.

Sadly, he would soon go missing while on safari. But Dotty still has her memories, as well as a nude portrait of herself by Picasso – no doubt she’d happily fill you in on all that over a Three Barrels cocktail or two.

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