VSOP Since 1814

Napoleon was still a year away from his Waterloo when our Very Special Old Pale French Grape brandy was created.

It hasn’t changed much in 200 years.

We still select only the finest eaux di vie from the best vineyards, to blend and achieve that uniquely smooth, velvety nectar.

VSOP’s distinctive hints of almond and walnut - prelude to a long finish of candied fruits and ginger – have made this party-loving nectar Britain’s favourite.

And the vital ingredient in Lady Dorothy’s quest for the ultimate cocktail.

XO Aged 15 Years

Predating txtspk by some 150 years, XO has always stood for Extra Old brandy. And Three Barrels is older than most.

We hand-pick the very finest eaux-de-vie from France’s most hallowed wine regions.

Then age them for at least 15 years in oak casks - Limousin oak, because the more open grain imparts better tannins and, well, oakiness.

The result is exquisite: a subtle, yet bright, mahogany in colour. Aromas include vanilla, plum, spicy hints of cinnamon and cardamom.

You’ll invariably spot the elegant bottle in Lord Rufus’ library, on stand-by for any guest who might drop in.

Although his Lordship is equally happy to sip away with only a Sudoku for company.

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